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Fixed some UI problems.

We have just did some UI fixed. if you having some problem with mocknow before check now if is it solve ?.

If you having any trouble you can ask us via email and you can ask it also on .

Thanks for your all love to make this app success.

Top 5 Free Online Mockup Tools | Adding to your Creativity

Wireframing is not a new name in the field of design and development. Since its arrival, it has been used for a variety of purposes. For the same reasons, various developers have tried to develop such mockup tools, which can solve your wireframing issues. Here, we discuss a few of them that have managed to catch our attention through their wonderful features and simplicity.

FrameBox: This is an easy and fast frame sharing tool, where all you need to do is drag the items provided to build up your mock. It is based on Javascript and needs no further plugins to use. You can preview your mock and share it with your friends, clients and whomsoever you wish to for free.

Mocknow:  The PR4 site says a lot about itself. The wonderful and light wireframing tool has all the features you need to add wings to your creativity. The developer of this tool is also a web-designed by profession, as we can see he has put so many nice features in this online tool for developers, aspiring designers and bloggers

MockingBird: This user friendly mockup tool is hugely popular among its fans for its smart features, and web-based interface for simple mockup designs. Sharing and previewing your mock has been made easier than ever with mockingbird. Visit the site to use this tool now.

MockFlow: The super easy wireframing tool has been designed for software and websites. You can find sample mockups within the site, which will give you great ideas on how to build mockups. This is probably one of the most-used mockup tool, since it has numerous features like HTML download, collaboration and mobile compatibility.

Cacoo: The fun offered by this tool very much suits its name. Cacoo is a user friendly drawing tool, which can be used for creating wireframes, charts and even sitemaps. It gives you complete freedom to choose from the several add-ons and mock items.


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WireFraming Was Never So Easy

Every other day, developers come up with tools to help their clients manage their online business more effectively. Mocknow is one more in this effort to make the whole online environment more advanced and automated.

As a designer, you have heard about pencil wireframing tools. But today, we present to you a light online wireframe sharing tool known as Mocknow. This is not only useful for the professional designers, but also for the aspiring bloggers and freelancers. Let’s see how it has made wireframing easier than ever.

MockNow – What Extra Does it Offer?

This wireframing tool is one of its kind, as it offers complete freedom to you. You no longer need to use those pencil wireframing tools to create your mocks. Just visit the site, and witness one of the best creations of today’s designing era. The site’s Page Rank (i.e. PR4) says the complete story, as it has gained huge popularity among developers and designers in quick time.

Great Benefits Offered by MockNow

·         Completely safe and secure – Yes, now you have an online tool, which is only yours. Each time you create a mock online, you will be provided with a unique url, which can be used as per your wish and command. Forward it to your business-mates, clients and friends at your own convenience.

·         Free Service – Generally, developers demand a huge price for such services. But this time around, you are getting this wonderful wireframing tool for free.

·         Several Mock Items – As you would see in the left sidebar of the site, you are provided with several mock items like hyperlink, text, image source etc. which can be utilized to awaken your creativity and create your own mock.

·         24 Hours Customer Support – Just drop an email on mocknow [@] and you will get a response on your queries, suggestions and ideas in no time.

How to Use MockNow ?

Oops! This is the easiest thing.

·         Visit the site, and think of the design you wish to create.

·         Then simply drag the mock items to create your mock.

·         The unique url can be forwarded to the clients or designers, who will be rocked with your imagination.

So, start mocking now and have a great creative day!!

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New Image Source Item

I just added new item name “Image Source”

This item allow you to add image from URL into your mock.

Checkout screenshot below.


New UI and Mock Improvements

New 0.1 MockUp Released.

  1. UI overflow fixed.
  2. Textarea Item Improved.
  3. Muilti Select Item Improved.
  4. Improvement on saving mock.
Added Copy Paste Option on to make everything more easy. check it out :).

Added Copy Paste Option on to make everything more easy. check it out :).

New Improvements

  1. Fixed the re-sizing problem which comes after adding RichText Item
  2. Add Color Option on Text and Heading Items.
  3. Modified the behavior of button now you can re-size it with more flexibility.
  4. Item Z-indexing Keyboard Shortcuts Problem Fixed.]

keep using have a happy mocking :).

Added Multi Item Selection Feature

We have add multi item selection feature now you can move one and more items at once !.

MockNow UI & Item Arrange control modified. UI Interface is now have fluid width so now all screen browser will show MockNow Awesomely.

MockNow Items (Elements) Layer Arranger are now in group :


New Interface Look :